All in one WhatsApp Marketing, You can send Bulk messages to WA Number, Group and Broadcast list

EXTEND LICENSE ONLY FOR $99(Limited time offer) Key Features Multilingual Support 103 Language Translation file included (Extend License) Try to resend previous pending and failed campaign messages Use on unlimited systems Use with unlimited whatsApp number Data base support to save your records 4 type importer 5 type sending mod Run campaign from saved or without saved records (message & records) Send text and media file (Image, videos, text, pdf etc) Message Management (Add/edit/update/delete) Organize Messages by Categories Contact Number Management (Add/edit/update/delete) Organize Contact by Groups Cat

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GENY instagram bot - Gain More Instagram Followers, Increase your Followers Now

What is GENY INSTAGRAM BOT Nowadays every Successful Business & Individuals Understands the power of Social Media Marketing. and they know the important role of Instagram in Social Media Marketing. but engaging Instagram users by Likes, Comments & the following isn’t an easy task. they often need to hire a Social Media Expert team for this particular task and it consumes a lot of time & effort. See product video at See How to download the new version at</> More Than 16 Feature Only For 17$ To Get The “Geny Instagram Bot” with Source code Please Contact us at our email : Features New Features Added :)/ //V 1.0.0 1. Like Posts of S

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WhatSender - Bulk WhatsApp Messenger

New Version 1.3 Launched, It’s quite fast Overview WhatSender is a Windows desktop based user-friendly tool to send automated WhatsApp messages to your customers or Bulk Invitation. WhatSender is one of the best WhatsApp Bulk Messenger Tool and it suffices all kind of your WhatsApp Marketing and campaign requirements. WhatSender is the only tool till date which allows you to integrate your business web API in WhatSender to send customized and personalized messages to your customers. It helps you to create engagement with your users by sending personalized messages and build a long lasting relationship with them. WhatSender is a Windows desktop based WhatsApp Campaign and Marketing Software available with complete Visual Studio .N

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BMSDesk - System biletów pomocy technicznej

„BMSDesk - System biletów pomocy technicznej - Angular 7” to oprogramowanie pomocy technicznej, które zbiera wszystkie żądania obsługi klienta z różnych kanałów i zarządza nimi z jednego miejsca. Technologia: C #, ASP.NET MVC Web API, Angular 7, ADO.NET, SQL Server Dla logowania administratora / agenta: Nazwa użytkownika: admin i hasło: abc @ 123 Dla logowania klienta: nazwa użytkownika: klient i hasło: abc @ 123 Funkcje w pełni Dynamiczny, dostosowany system biletów Obsługa Angular 7 Zintegrowana z ASP.NET MVC Interfejs API sieci Web ASP.NET wykorzystywany do pobierania danych Pakiet Web AOT Wiązanie W pełni przyjazny dla telefonu responsive responsive bootstrap 4 konstrukcja Dynamiczna wychodząca konfiguracja poczty e-mail Role Moduł podstawowy Zgoda 16 Obsługa wielu języków Wykres dynamiczny administratora / agenta

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