Luma Nuxt - NuxtJS Vue Learning Management System Admin Template

Luma Nuxt – NuxtJS Vue Education & Learning Management System Admin Template A beautifully crafted user interface with Nuxt.js and Vue for modern Education Platforms. Expertly coded Vue.js 48 Unique Page Designs & 100+ Vue Components Stacked on Nuxt.js – The Vue.js Framework Built with Bootstrap Vue v2.17 Styled with Bootstrap v4.5.2 Source SCSS Fully Responsive RTL Ready with a simple switch SSR (Server Side Rendering) and full static site generation What’s New Luma Nuxt v2.2.0 – Oct 29, 2020 Changes - Improved browser support via babel and [email protected] (last 2 versions of every major browser, IE >= 11) - Reorganized plugin files into matching npm modules names (ie. plugins/charts.js -> plugins/f

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Smart - Angular 12+ Admin Dashboard Template for University, School & Colleges

Introduction Smart is a modern material design admin dashboard template build with Angular 12+ and the Angular-CLI for your for University, School & Colleges. Smart comes with material design components for rich styles and design. Advanced feathers of Smart is Role Based Authentication, With template you will get built-in three roles Admin, Teacher & Student. You can create more as per your requirements. You can restrict page access based on user role. Smart full support AOT and lazy loading for boost up your project. Smart comes with ready to use design pages for Teachers, Students, Courses, Staff, Library, Departments, Holidays, Fees, leave application etc Smart uses SASS to make your life editing t

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